npstreams.ihistogram(arrays, bins, range=None, weights=None)

Streaming histogram calculation.

  • arrays (iterable of ndarrays) – Arrays to be combined. This iterable can also a generator. Arrays in this stream can be of any shape; the histogram is computed over the flattened array.

  • bins (iterable) – Bin edges, including the rightmost edge, allowing for non-uniform bin widths. To determine the appropriate bins automatically, see numpy.histogram_bin_edges.

  • weights (iterable of ndarray, iterable of floats, or None, optional) –

    Iterable of weights associated with the values in each item of arrays. Each value in a only contributes its associated weight towards the bin count (instead of 1). The weights array can either be a float or an array of the same shape as any element of arrays. If weights=None, then all data in each element of arrays are assumed to have a weight equal to one.

    New in version 1.6.1.


hist (~numpy.ndarray) – Streamed histogram.

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