npstreams.iprod(arrays, axis=-1, dtype=None, ignore_nan=False)

Streaming product of array elements.

  • arrays (iterable) – Arrays to be multiplied.

  • axis (int or None, optional) – Reduction axis. Default is to multiply the arrays in the stream as if they had been stacked along a new axis, then multiply along this new axis. If None, arrays are flattened before multiplication. If axis is an int larger that the number of dimensions in the arrays of the stream, arrays are multiplied along the new axis.

  • dtype (numpy.dtype, optional) – The type of the yielded array and of the accumulator in which the elements are summed. The dtype of a is used by default unless a has an integer dtype of less precision than the default platform integer. In that case, if a is signed then the platform integer is used while if a is unsigned then an unsigned integer of the same precision as the platform integer is used.

  • ignore_nan (bool, optional) – If True, NaNs are ignored. Default is propagation of NaNs.


online_prod (ndarray)