npstreams.pmap_unordered(func, iterable, args=None, kwargs=None, processes=1, ntotal=None)

Parallel application of a function with keyword arguments in no particular order. This can reduce memory usage because results are not accumulated so that the order is preserved.

  • func (callable) – Function to be applied to every element of iterable.

  • iterable (iterable) – Iterable of items to be mapped.

  • args (tuple or None, optional) – Positional arguments of function.

  • kwargs (dictionary or None, optional) – Keyword arguments of function.

  • processes (int or None, optional) – Number of processes to use. If None, maximal number of processes is used. Default is one.

  • ntotal (int or None, optional) – If the length of iterable is known, but passing iterable as a list would take too much memory, the total length ntotal can be specified. This allows for pmap to chunk better.


Mapped values.

See also


parallel map that preserves order


If processes is 1, pmap_unordered reduces to map, with the added benefit of of using kwargs